The o.b.® Compact Applicator tampon for gentle and hygienic insertion was developed in a compact format for practical and discrete use. The o.b.® tampon’s curved grooves designed to guide fluid to the inner core of the tampon, provides reliable protection.

What makes o.b.® Compact Applicator so practical?

The newly developed conveniently sized o.b.® Compact Applicator is small enough to fit in your purse or your pocket. 

Is it easier to insert a tampon with an applicator? 

Because you know your body better than anyone, you are the one who knows what suits you the best. It is actually very easy to position a tampon with your finger without an applicator. It gives you great control in placing the tampon correctly. Also, without the applicator, it means that the product is smaller and more discreet to carry in your palm or pocket and you produce less waste!
In the end only you can decide what makes you feel more comfortable. 

Which o.b.® Compact Applicator absorbency is optimal for me?

o.b.® Compact Applicator is available in absorbencies Normal and Super.

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