Are tampons without applicator for me?

You know your body better than anyone and you know, what suits you the best! It is actually very easy to position a tampon with your finger without an applicator. Learn more here!

As you know your body better than anyone, you are the one who knows what suits you the best. It is actually very easy to position a tampon with your finger without an applicator. It gives you great control in placing the tampon correctly.

Try especially o.b.® ProComfort™ with the unique SilkTouch™ cover for easy insertion and removal and great wearing comfort. It only takes a minute to learn how, so don’t worry! And without the applicator it means the product is smaller with no bulky packaging, so you can conveniently slip them in the smallest bag along with your latest fashion accessories. Or even in your pocket! You are also doing something good for the environment as you produce less waste without an applicator.

o.b.® tampons give you complete freedom of movement, comfort and the right level of protection for every day of your period. You’ll feel confident and secure no matter what you’re doing. With o.b® tampons your flow is absorbed already inside the body, preventing the development of any unpleasant odors. You will not feel a correctly inserted tampon at all and it is very discreet. Unlike other tampons, our o.b.® curved grooves expand evenly guiding fluid better to the inner core of the tampon giving you reliable protection that you can trust. Once you know how to insert a tampon without an applicator, it’s the most natural and comfortable way to use a tampon. Then there’s no going back… freedom here we come!
  Here goes – how to insert an o.b.® tampon If it’s your first time you might want to use an o.b.® ProComfort™ Mini tampon  as they are very easy to use. They are small, slim, have a shaped tip and are very easy to insert and remove thanks to their SilkTouch™ cover.
Don’t worry - it is not as difficult as you might think. First, wash your hands, and second, relax! Be sure to find the best position for you! It may be sitting on the toilet or standing with one foot on the edge of the bath.

The video “How to insert a tampon“ helps you find out how to insert a tampon! And here is the explanation step-by-step:
Hold the tampon with both hands and twist the tampon open following the direction of the arrows, then remove the wrapper from the tampon string side. Straighten the removal string, give it a quick hard pull, to extend it out from the tampon and to convince yourself that it is firmly attached to the tampon. Press the tip of your index finger into the tampon’s base and remove the top half of the wrapper. With your free hand, gently hold the labia apart. The vaginal opening is located between urethra and anus. Relax! Gently slide the tampon as far as possible up and back into the vagina. If you feel resistance, vary the direction slightly. If you can still feel the tampon, insert it a little further in. Once the tampon is where it belongs, in the middle part of your vagina, you will not feel it. Wash your hands again. Now you have tried it, it’s not as complicated or as messy as you may have thought!

After a few times you’ll find there’s nothing easier! You can follow your unique inner body and will have great control in placing the tampon correctly.  Enjoy the great freedom your tampon can give you!
Caring for the planet too! Why create waste when we don’t need to? Without a plastic applicator to throw away, when you use an o.b.® tampon you are also doing your bit for the planet because, with no applicator, it is as environmentally friendly as possible by saving lots of unnecessary waste each and every year!