Can I use tampons at night?

Bedtime bliss! Did you know, you can wear tampons overnight without any hesitation and you’ll wake up feeling really fresh, ready to start the day? Find out more.

Yes, you can use tampons at night! Contrary to widespread myths or things you may have heard or seen on the Internet, you can wear tampons overnight without any hesitation. Over several decades, millions of girls and women have worn tampons every night of their period. There is no evidence that using tampons at night or while sleeping poses any special risks. As soon as you have started having periods your body is ready to use tampons so, if you wanted to, you could wear a tampon overnight from your very first period!

If you would like to try using tampons at night, even though you might wear the tampon longer overnight, you should start by using the same sized tampons you normally would use during the day. Just remember to use the lowest absorbency tampon for your menstrual flow and to put in a new tampon before you go to bed and change it first thing in the morning. You will wake up feeling really fresh, ready to start the day! For a sleep-over you can just pop them in your bag – no-one need know it’s your time of the month!
It’s like there’s nothing there! Even though you can use any tampon at night, o.b.® has a unique product for better protection at night. Unlike pads, o.b.® ProComfort™ Night tampons are so comfortable that you won’t notice them and you’ll feel natural and unrestricted when you get into bed. If you feel the need for extra protection during the night, you can try o.b.® ProComfort™ Night which is designed with SilkTouch™ protection wings that gently adapt to your body for extra protection and a clean feeling all night long! Once you are comfortable using tampons during the day, you may just give it a go at night!
In order to try o.b.® ProComfort Night™ you may want to make sure you are familiar with using tampons during the day and in general to ensure you feel comfortable to try using our o.b.® ProComfort™ Night tampon.