How do I insert a tampon?

There’s a first time for everything! Your period is a natural part of your life and it’s OK to have questions about that. Do not worry - inserting a tampon is not as difficult as you may think! Watch the video below to find out. You will see - inserting a tampon is really quite easy once you know how.

How to do


Inserting a tampon: just relax and take it easy!

You may be feeling nervous about using tampons for the first time, but there’s no need to be. After a few times you’ll find there’s nothing easier.
Our video instruction makes inserting a tampon for the first time as simple as possible and shows you, step by step, how to do it. The best thing is to be completely relaxed, because otherwise your muscles may cramp and make it more difficult for you to insert. A simple tip: breathe deeply a few times and try to feel completely at ease – this will relax you before you insert the tampon.

It is worth it!

Unlike pads, tampons are worn inside the body. That may seem weird, but once inserted properly you won’t even feel it’s there. Used properly, tampons have so many advantages! You can move freely and live your life just like on any other day. You are free to carry on doing sports for example, because your body holds the tampon in place and you won’t feel it at all. You can even go swimming, because the tampon is safely hidden inside and is protected from contact with the water.  Just remember to use the lowest absorbency tampon for your menstrual flow and change your tampon regularly.