My first period

My first period
What’s it going to be like? How will you know when to expect it? Should you be scared? Find the answers to all the questions you’ve been dying to ask about periods here.

“The day has finally come!”

It is hard to describe what your first period is like, isn't it? It's strange and new, but you should also be feeling quite proud that you are now a woman! When you get your first period you may often feel and think a thousand things at the same time. That’s OK – it’s a pretty special day for everyone! You may also be thinking: “How am I going to get used to it?” Don't worry – it's easier than you think. Soon, you’ll hardly even notice it’s happening, and it won't stop you enjoying life to the full!

“When should I expect my first period?”

There is no “right age” for getting your first period. For most girls it happens between the ages of 12 and 13 years, for some as early as 10 or as late as 15. That's all totally fine! When it’s your turn depends on when your sexual organs develop and when your body produces enough sex hormones. Once this is happening, an egg will mature in your ovaries approximately every four weeks. Click here if you’d like to learn more about it.

“Are there signs that I'm going to get my first period?”

You’ll be able to guess pretty well whether you’re going to get your first period soon – you just have to know the signs! When you experience white discharge it takes, on average, about a year from then.  Most girls will also have a growth spurt, your breasts will grow and your waist and hips will develop - your figure will become more womanly. 

You might be worried, that your first period will unexpectedly come at an inopportune moment. Panty liners (for example Carefree)can be used every day in anticipation of your first period and help you be more secure.    

When your first period starts, you may notice a light brownish discharge in your underwear or you may have a few drops of blood. It could be also possible, that you will bleed considerably straight away. Do not worry, it’s all normal! You can find out whether tampons or sanitary towels are right for you here.


Did you know... 

...that girls can often feel unwell or emotional during their period or even a few days beforehand? Some experience pain in their lower abdomen, back pain or mood swings – some more, some less. Don’t worry though; it’ll pass. Some lucky people get none of these side effects! If you are bothered by them though, there are some tips to get rid of these symptoms, which can work wonders! Click here to find them out!

...that periods don’t always come once a month, especially when you first start? It often takes a few years for your hormone balance to settle down and your menstrual cycle to become regular. That's where using a calendar can be useful!