What’s happening inside?

Gearing up for adulthood!

You’ve seen the changes to your body on the outside, but did you know that many other changes are invisible, taking place inside your body? They are all interconnected, and it’s something called hormones,that cause it all to happen.

But why? Well, it may be years before you use them, but your sexual organs are maturing and getting ready for sex and reproduction. Having your first period is what all this has been building up to; it means you’re fertile! In theory, you could become pregnant from your very first period…. So bear that in mind if you are thinking of experimenting with sex and make sure to ask about contraception!

The animation demonstrates how it works exactly. Have a look at it!

Have you heard of the hymen? This is a thin membrane that protects the inside of the vagina, which changes during puberty, becoming soft and pliable. Over time there have been beliefs about an intact hymen being evidence of virginity and alternatively, a „damaged“ hymen being evidence of loss of virginity. It is not that simple, and these beliefs can be considered as myths! The hymen normally has an opening in it, even in girls who have not had sexual intercourse (which allows menstrual discharge to leave the body).  And during puberty hormones (estrogens) cause the hymen to become more elastic and flexible, also allowing you to use tampons.  

Play the animation and little text boxes will appear telling you more about the sexual organs.