How is my body changing?

How is my body changing?

It is all normal! Don’t be embarrassed

Breasts and hips, pubic hair and spots… It is not easy to feel self-conscious about the changes in your body. But think about it: everybody’s going through the same thing, even boys, in their own way. The changes you’re starting to see are completely normal and affect every girl at some time during her teens, starting around age 9 continuing through your teen years. They are part of the very natural process of growing up, so there’s no need to be embarrassed at all!

Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty

What have you already noticed about your body changing? Have you suddenly grown much taller? Has hair started to grow on your pubic area, under your arms and on your legs? Have your breasts started to grow? Do you sometimes see a white discharge on your panties? None of it’s anything to worry about: it’s all part of puberty – the amazing changes that happen when you turn from a girl into a woman!

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Everybody’s different

You’re just the way you are – and during puberty all girls experience things at different times. Some girls’ bodies have already changed around the age of eight, in others, nothing happens until after their twelfth birthday. Some of your friends will develop earlier or later than you, but do not worry, as everyone is different. It will definitely feel very similar for them as it does for you.

The illustration below shows you roughly what happens to girls during puberty. You can see that you actually get your first period quite late on in puberty. Before that, your pubic hair and breasts will usually grow, you’ll experience white discharge and you’ll have a growth spurt. At around 17, your body is fully developed. It is completely normal that every girl will develop her own individual feminine shape – you are the way you are.


The truth about breast size

Every girl is different and that’s a good thing! The size and shape of breasts makes no difference to how they function, for example, women with larger or smaller breasts do not necessarily differ in how well they can produce milk and nurse their babies.

Sometimes one breast grows quicker than the other during puberty. Don’t panic! They usually even themselves out on their own – more or less, although it is not unusual for the two breasts to be noticeably different, and this should usually be of no concern.