ProComfort ®

o.b.® has designed a tampon that’s great to use from when you start using tampons! o.b.® ProComfort™ tampons have a unique silky-soft SilkTouch™ cover that glides easily in and out. And thanks to o.b.® technology with curved grooves, you will feel reliably protected day and night.

How does o.b.®  ProComfort™ provide me with extra comfort and ensure reliable protection?

  • o.b.® ProComfort™  with unique soft SilkTouch™ cover glides gently for easy insertion and removal and offers optimal wearing comfort.
  • Smooth Technology is the newest improvement to provide an even smoother tampon surface.
  • Curved grooves provide reliable protection: fluid is drawn efficiently into the inner core of the tampon. 

When is ProComfort ™ the perfect choice for me?

If you’re just starting to use tampons, o.b.® ProComfort™  Mini or Light Days are the best o.b.® tampons for you. They are very small, slim, have a shaped tip and feel silky smooth with their SilkTouch™ cover. This makes them very easy to use.

o.b.® ProComfort™ is not just for novices. It is for anyone, when easy insertion and removal are important, which may be especially relevant for you during light days.

Which o.b.® ProComfort™ product is optimal for me?

o.b.® ProComfort™ is available in different absorbencies to meet your protection needs, depending on the flow intensity.

We recommended that you always use a tampon with the minimum absorbency needed for your menstrual flow, which is signaled by the droplets on the pack.

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