ProComfort™ Night

Do you feel the need for extra protection during the night?

Designed with SilkTouch™ protective wings, o.b.® ProComfort™ Night is optimal for night-time use, so you can feel confident all night long. o.b.® ProComfort™ Night – reliable protection for night-time use!

You can wear tampons overnight without any hesitation. In fact, millions of women do so every night of their periods. Even though you might wear the tampon longer overnight, you can start by using the same sized tampons you normally would during the day. If that doesn’t work for you, you can try a higher absorbency product. Just remember to put in the tampon before you go to bed and change it first thing in the morning.

o.b.® ProComfort™ Night gives you the extra protection you need at night while staying securely in place all night long.

What makes o.b.® ProComfort™ Night different?

It’s unique and comfortable SilkTouch™ protection wings gently unfold and adapt to the individual shape of your body catching fluid that other tampons can miss for better protection. The fluid is caught and drawn from the wings into the inner core of the tampon, where it is securely captured by the absorbent fibers of the tampon. Additionally, o.b.® ProComfort™ Night, with super soft protection wings, stays securely in place and is comfortable to insert and remove because of its unique SilkTouch™ cover. Feel clean until the morning!

o.b.® ProComfort™ Night tested by gynaecologists.

o.b.® ProComfort™ - one Night-one tampon

Which o.b.® ProComfort™ Night product is best for me?

o.b.® ProComfort™ Night is available in absorbencies Normal and Super

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