What is discharge?

White discharge in your underwear is normal, natural and a sign that your periods are coming. Find out more here.

A secret shared!

Girls like to talk about most things, but sometimes we feel embarrassed and don't want to be the first to bring up the subject... Like with what we call “discharge”. It's perfectly normal and happens to all girls as they approach menstruation, but it can be alarming if you don't know what it is!

What does it look like?

Have you noticed white stains in your underwear? This is “white discharge” – a clear, whitish fluid* that leaves your body from your vagina. It's nothing to worry about! In fact it's completely natural and happens to all girls as they go through puberty. For some it's more noticeable than for others... Some girls start to see this around age 9, while for others it might not happen until much later!

* If you notice that your vaginal discharge takes on an abnormal, greeny-yellowish appearance, smells different or irritates your skin, go and see your doctor.

What is it for?

White discharge is a sign that puberty is underway. It is your body’s way of telling you that your sexual organs are becoming active! What is very useful for us girls is that it tells you that you’ll have your first period before too long! After you first see white discharge, it usually takes about a year before your first period… Which means plenty of time for you to prepare calmly! Cool, huh?

Will it show?

White discharge can be heavier sometimes and lighter at other times. This is totally normal, too, and varies from girl to girl! Sometimes, it’s so little that you’ll hardly even notice it; other times your underwear will feel quite wet. No need to worry though – no one needs to know! Just use a panty liner (for example Carefree): they safely absorb moisture and protect your clothes, so you can feel confident and fresh every day!

Is it just teenagers, or do women get discharge too?

Discharge continues when you're an adult woman. It will happen between your monthly periods, sometimes heavier and at other times lighter. It depends on the progress of your cycle. Between two periods, around the time of ovulation (when the egg is released and ready for fertilisation), discharge is often heavier and more transparent. Find out more about the monthly cycle here.