o.b.® Flexia® offers extra protection against bypassing fluid and slippage. o.b.® Flexia® is designed for heavier flow or when your usual tampon doesn’t fit as well anymore — especially after giving birth or during perimenopause.

How does o.b.® Flexia® give extra protection?
  • The unique flexible SilkTouch™ protective wings gently expand to catch fluid other tampons may miss. The fluid is caught and drawn from the wings into the inner core of the tampon, where it is securely captured by the tampon’s absorbent fibres.
  • o.b.® Flexia®, designed with the super soft wings, also stays securely in place, gently adapting to the individual shape of your vagina to prevent slippage.
When is o.b.® Flexia® the perfect choice for me?   

In later stages of your life, you could feel the need for extra protection, because your period is getting heavier or because you are experiencing gushes. Or you could also feel that tampons do not sit properly or slip. These changes are often linked to giving birth or the start of perimenopause. Then o.b.® Flexia® may be the best choice for you!

Which Flexia® product is optimal for me?

o.b.® Flexia® is available in absorbencies Normal and Super.          
We recommended that you always use a tampon with the minimum absorbency needed for your menstrual flow, which is signaled by the droplets on the pack.     
Our product selector can help you choose the right product for you.