Quality you can trust

Why is quality so important? In Germany alone, ca.1.2 billion o.b.® tampons are sold every year, and they are exported to another 40 countries. Tampons are a part of life for millions of girls and women. They trust in o.b.® quality and we work to keep their trust.

Working with the best

For more than 60 years we’ve kept making improvements to o.b.® tampons. Our researchers focus on continuously optimising comfort and protection. This has led to the development of our key innovations – unique curved grooves, SilkTouch cover and protective wings.

Ensuring quality and safety

A lot happens to ensure the quality and safety of our o.b.®  tampons before they reach the shelves. Research and testing takes place in our laboratories. Manufacturing conditions are carefully controlled, to ensure that each o.b.® tampon measures up to our highest standards. Control procedures are carried out, for example tensile strength is tested, helping to make sure each tampon string is firmly anchored.

Listening to your needs

Additionally, and above all, we carefully listen to the girls and women across the world who use o.b.® tampons every day and night during their period – and there are millions. We are continuously learning from them, from you, so that our products best meet everyone’s needs.
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