Once upon a time...

Do you feel like you can’t do whatever you want on some days? On certain days maybe no swimming or less sports, or maybe leaving your new tight dress in the closet? Many years ago girls had fewer options. Fortunately for you it’s different now! Find out about the origins of o.b.® - how a woman who was a gynaecologists and a passionate swimmer played an important role in its invention and the revolutionary impact it has had for women and girls. 

In 1947 a German engineer Dr. Carl Hahn stumbles upon an advertisement for tampons in an American magazine, and the idea strikes him: no such product is available in Germany. By introducing tampons on the German market he will revolutionize feminine hygiene.

Dr. Hahn is supported by two partners: Dr. Heinz Mittag, a lawyer; and even more importantly, Dr. Judith Esser, a gynaecologist and enthusiastic swimmer who takes over the medical side of things. Together the three pioneers develop the o.b.® tampon. This discreet and sleek name stands for "ohne Binde", which means "without pad" in German.

Thanks to o.b.®, you can enjoy the freedom to do any activity you’d like to do and you can wear any dress you’d like to wear – every day!