Hogyan kell felhelyezni a tampont?

Once everything has to be started! Menstrual is a natural part of your life, so it's normal for you to ask about it. Do not worry, putting the tampon is much easier than you think.





The first and most important thing to relax!

You must be nervous about using tampon for the first time, but there is no reason why. You will see that after a few occasions you will be completely routine!
The most important thing is to be completely relaxed. If you are nervous, your muscles contract, so putting your tampons is harder. Accept a good advice: breathe in deep, and try to release it completely, making it easier to attach the swab.

The more you relax, the better!

Contrary to the insert, the tampon is in your leg. It sounds odd at first, but if you do it correctly, you will not notice it. The tampon - if you use it correctly - has many advantages! It does not hinder your movement and you can be as liberated as you would otherwise. You do not have to stop sporting these days either. Your vagina will not let the swab move. You can even swim because the tampon does not touch the water. Just make sure you always use a tampon suitable for bleeding and replace regularly.